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Kerribb Flava is a small family oriented, Specialty Events/Vending and Catering Jamaican food business that is capable of bringing great tasting quality food to every customer. Established in Fall 2015, the Husband and Wife unique business specializes in all natural herbs and spices based from the Caribbean island of Jamaica. This allows them to stay true to the Jamaican culture and the cuisine from the islands, in which the cook/creator was born. ***Please note that the food is cooked from the soul with love, but also contains coconut milk just in case of food allergies***

What were up to in the Community


By The Pound:

Jerk Chicken, Brown Stewed Chicken, Curry Chicken = $10.95 each
Jerk Pork = $12.95
Curry Goat = $15.99
Oxtail = $16.99

Side Items (Serves 8-10 People):

Garlic Mashed Potato = $38.00
Macaroni & Cheese = $45.00
Rice & Peas = $32.00
String Beans = $30.00
Steamed Cabbage = $30.00
Mixed Green Salad = $25.00
Sauteed Vegetables = $35.00

Customer Favorites:

Whole Jerk Chicken (2) = $25.00
Dutty Smoked Jerk Wings (50) = $60.00
Coconut Garlic Butter Fish (market value)
Smoked Jerk Turkey = $69.00





Our menu

bring your appetite

Low Carb Shrimp Bowl

fresh vegetables, brown rice, cheese and seasoned black beans 

Caribbean BBQ Plate

Smoked ribs & Chicken

Jerk Wings

Curry Chicken Meal

Comes with garlic mashed potatoes and green salad

Vegetarian Bowl

Seasoned black beans w/fresh veggies. Ranch is available for topping

Jerk Tacos

Jerk Chicken, Caribbean Beef or Jerk Pork

OMG Nachos

Large or Mega

Jerk Chicken Plate

with Rice & peas, vegetables

Jamaican Box

Red potatoes, cold garnish w/Plantains (plantains subject to change)

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